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Poses++ is discrete event simulation software for common purpose built for large scale problems on one hand and real time speed on the other.
Poses++ is free available software containing a licence threshold of 500 modelling elements. You can apply, copy and redistribute Poses++ respecting the licence terms in licence.txt.

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In case you want to handle larger models and you want to purchase licence entries, we would like to submit you an offer.

A Poses++ Server will load and run simulation models without any licence entries occupied if the model size does not exeed the licence threshold of 500 modelling elements. Poses++ models consist of transitions, predicates and modules. The model size is the maximum count of one of these categories. If the model size exceeds the maximum of at least 500 modelling elements the Poses++ simulation server will request licence entries from the Poses++ licence management via network.

The licence entries are floating. If you would have 500 licence entries and 123 entries are occupied by one Poses++ simulation server 377 licence entry points would be available at the same time to simultaneously running Poses++ simulation servers. If the model of the first server would be closed the 123 licence entries will be handed back to the Poses++ licence management and they will be immediately available again to start other experiments. Poses++ does not consume licence entries.

Licence entries are small files sendable via e-mail parametrized to the world wide unique MAC address of one of the ethernet cards in your computer which should be activated as Poses++ licence server. Licence entries are independent from the computers hardware and the installed operation system except the refered MAC address. The Poses++ licence management will handle the licence entries in the following ways:

If a Poses++ server is requested to load a model with a model size exceeding the licence threshold of 500 modelling elements it will request the amount of ModelSize entries corresponding to the model size.

Features in Poses++ 2.0 ?
Poses++ 2.0 is tested to run under actual operating systems. Poses++ 2.0 works under Linux distributions (f.i. SuSE 10.3 with kernel 2.6.22) as well as under Windows® XP and Vista.
Poses++ 2.0 supports the important C++ compilers from Microsoft® and Borland® for Windows® and GNU gcc under Linux with all actual compiler releases.
Poses++ 2.0 comes with both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries for Linux. For Windows® Poses++ 2.0 binaries are compiled as 32-bit but successfully tested to run under Windows® Vista 64-bit.
Poses++ 2.0 uses very fast random number generators and avoids influence of client requests (f.i. transition concession) on the stochastic behaviour of models.
Poses++ 2.0 animation player has an enormous improved speed displaying animations. It runs many times faster than the last animation player from Poses++ 1.7 so that very large CAD layouts with many details could be used as animation layouts.
Poses++ 2.0 animation file size is only limited by the underlaying file system. In case the file system is able to these data caches can possibly grow over 4GByte.
Poses++ 2.0 has now a new front end posdesk.exe which is developed fully new from scratch.
Poses++ 2.0 client/server communication is based on the fully published Poses++ Client API so that everybody should be able to develop project specific clients by itself.
Poses++ 2.0 can process all earlier models compatible.
Poses++ 2.0 logs its behaviour for all components to corresponding plain text log files.
Poses++ 2.0 supports model libraries in pre prepared directories.
Poses++ 2.0 keeps your front end settings persistent.
New in Poses++ 2.1 ?
Poses++ 2.1 server and client components are tested to run under Windows® XP, Vista and also under Windows® 7.
Poses++ 2.1 supports GNU gcc-4.3.x under Linux.
Poses++ 2.1 comes with a C# interface for your own client development and integrates an additional C# based Animation client PosesPlayer.exe.
Poses++ 2.1 comes with a Java interface based on Java Native Access (JNA) for your own client development projects. So you have now the possibilities to develop Poses++ client software in C++, Delphi, C# or Java.
New in Poses++ 2.2 ?
Poses++ 2.2 supports GNU gcc-4.5.x under Linux.
Poses++ 2.2 supports the C++ compiler of Microsoft® Visual Studio 2010.
To install Poses++ 2.2 you will need the necessary installation file which we offered until 05/24/2018 here on this web site for download by the help of a small web form. Due to the subsequent legal regulations on data protection according to the GDPR we decided to avoid to receive any personal data by means of our web site. Therefore we discontinued our download offer. In response to an email email requesting the installation file, we will continue to provide Poses++ directly to you.