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VAW Aluminium Technologie GmbH, Bonn, today Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH:
"... The logistic model of a smelter simulates the complete work schedule of the potroom, including all essential vehicles, equipment and material movements on a realistic course with vehicle interactions. There is no restriction on the number of pots or equipment. ...
published TMS 2001, New Orleans
SMS Demag AG, Hilchenbach:
"successful application of Poses++ together with Matlab/Simulink for modelling and real time simulation of the roll change of a cold rolling mill for a Hardware-In-the-Loop-Test/HILT of our automation and control system"
Saarstahl AG, Völklingen:
Development of a Poses++ simulation model, for a detailed simulation of the structure und dynamics of the complete material flow in the bar rolling plant "Nauweiler" for intended modernization and extension
Institut für Arbeitswissenschaften, RWTH Aachen:
Human behaviour in Simulation! "People-Centered Simulation of Product Development Process."
"Simulation has proven to be an adequate technique to reveal potential for improving work organization e.g. in production planning or logistics. ..."
published Interscience 2007
REINTJES GmbH, Hameln::
Porting of calculation software for mechanical engineering from FORTRAN to C++
Bombardier Transportation Germany GmbH, Hennigsdorf:
Services and development, system design and engineering, UML/SysML modeling, implementation, testing and start-up of safety-related control software according to EN50128 for TCMS-Systems in passenger trains using SparxSystems Enterprise Architect and the Bombardier-specific MITRAC development tools